About Future Crime

This blog is devoted to understanding the future of crime, and specifically how technology and technological culture is changing the nature of crime and crime fighting. My name is Peter Rothman, and I am the chief scientist of a company developing crime fighting technologies employing biometrics, pattern recognition, and other advanced technologies.

The topics I’ll be covering here include:

  • Crime.net: How the Internet and networks more generally are impacting the nature of crime.
  • Art Crime: Art as crime, criminal artworks, and illegal art.
  • Data Crime: Criminal use of databases, data theft, and related items.
  • Thought Crime: Neuropsychology and crime, brain imaging, and criminal thoughts.
  • Virtual Crime: Crime inside online virtual worlds and multi-player games.
  • Identity Crime: Identity theft and impersonation.
  • Criminal Governments: Governments that commit crimes and criminals that take over or create de facto governments.
  • Corporate Criminals: Corporations commit that crimes, corporate criminals, criminals who use corporations to hide illegal operations or launder money.
  • Future Crime Fighting: New technologies offer new capabilities to law enforcement, from body armor and sonic cannons to tools that allow investigators t predict criminal behavior.
  • Everyone is a Criminal: How technology is turning everyone into a criminal, from the war on drugs to P2P file sharing and machine traffic violation monitoring.

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